Neglected Tropical Diseases

A Public Health Approach for Control

Damit vernachlässigte tropische Krankheiten besser kontrolliert und behandelt werden könnten, bietet der Kurs den Teilnehmenden wichtige Werkzeuge um Programme effizient umsetzen zu können. 


This course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to develop and to successfully implement programmes with evidence-informed decisions for the control of NTDs.

First: It looks at the historical background of NTDs including the basic bio-medical concepts.

Second: It considers the landscape of organisations dedicated to control NTDs – information necessary to support local NTD programmes.

Third: It examines the evidence-informed concepts and approaches for the control of NTDs on a population level, specifically Mass Drug Administration, and Vector Control, including community participation.


  • Einführung in die Tropenmedizin
  • Parasitosen
  • Sonstige - Tropenmedizin
  • Global Public Health
  • Disease Control
  • Sonstige - Public Health

Datum / Uhrzeit


Veranstalter und Veranstaltungsort

Institut für Public-Health, Heidelberg

Target Group and Prerequisites

Public health professionals; social scientists, paramedical staff, project planners and coordinators, medical doctors, tropEd students. The course is held in English. Fluency in English (Reading, Speaking and Writing) required.

2 ECTS tropEd

Course Fee

General Admittance:      € 750.-
tropEd students:            € 500.-

Information and Registration


Anchal Sharma, MSc.
Assistant Short Courses Coordinator
Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 365, D-69120 Heidelberg
Fon: + 49 - (0) 62 21 - 56 43 12 
Fax: + 49 - (0) 62 21 - 56 49 18

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