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Global Health Media: Neue Breastfeeding Videos


World Breastfeeding Week is the first week of August. In recognition of the importance of breastfeeding for newborn lives, we are releasing a new set of breastfeeding videos for mothers over the course of the week. These nine videos will help mothers by providing practical information on “how to” skills and problem management. Click here to read the news release.

Our goal is to help mothers become more successful with breastfeeding enabling more of them to exclusively breastfeed their babies until 6 months of age.
The first two videos, now available on our website, are: Breastfeeding in the First Hours After Birth and Positions for Breastfeeding. Videos to follow include: Attaching Your Baby at the Breast, Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk, Increasing Your Milk Supply, How to Express Breastmilk, Storing Breastmilk Safely, What to Do About Breast Pain, and What To Do About Nipple Pain.

The videos--available in English, French, and Spanish--are intended primarily for mothers in the developing world, but may be helpful for breastfeeding mothers worldwide. They may be downloaded free-of-charge at this LINK.

We would be most grateful for your support. Your donation will help fund our newest set of videos on the care of babies "born too soon or too small."

Source: Global Health Media


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