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Ausbau Klinik in Malawi

Unterstützungsaufruf des Vereins "Freunde des Lighthouse"


Dear all,

the Lighthouse clinic in Lilongwe has been a beacon of hope for many people living with HIV in Malawi. Since its beginning in 1997, the Lighthouse has been growing through the initiative of the Malawian health personnel and has become one of a few institutions in Malawi that excel in treating HIV and creating awareness, reaching out to even remote places in rural Malawi, sending medical personnel on motorbikes or in cars to communities.

Services at the Lighthouse are in high demand and the Lighthouse recently started to offer screening for cervical cancer for women, as well as it started to offer family planning services. However, the Lighthouse runs out of clinic space. More room is desperately needed to accommodate these clinical services and to expand the blood drawing area for lab tests to keep services running for all the people seeking treatment at the Lighthouse.

The Friends of the Lighthouse - find out more about Freunde des Lighthouse e.V. at via the link below - have started a Crowdfunding campaign to help fundraise the remaining 20.000 US $. So we are on the last stretch and hope that you can support this campaign.

Thank you for your support!
Freunde des Lighthouse e.V.,
Florian Neuhann and Sandra Barteit


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